frank boettcher

Company Founder and General Manager

Born in Chemnitz, Germany. He studied Business Economies for tourism administration at the University of Applied Sciences Heilbronn in Germany. He does have 14 years of experience in the Chilean Tourism Industry, in which he held management charges in the areas product development, sales and marketing; and acquired the tools for the professional assistance of international tour operators.

In August 2010 Frank Böttcher founded Andes Nativa, a specialized Tour Operator with an innovative concept for the development and support of sustainable tourism projects in Chile.
“The Andes Nativa Enterprise was launched from the deep wish to contribute to the clean and sane development of the growth within the tourism industry in Chile. Countless trips through the country allowed him to discover and appreciate new things: be it the contagious friendly Chilean Way of Life and its traditions, the unique variety of landscapes in its overwhelming beauty or the history of the indigenous peoples, who preserved and kept alive their cultural traditions in spite of the sometimes unfavorable conditions.


Sustainability Management

Born in Valparaiso, studied Engineering Management. She is traveling regularly through Chile looking for new landscapes and to get to now different original peoples. She has been working as a volunteer in environmentalism Organizations and held important positions in the National Tourism Authority of Chile, SERNATUR in the areas of Promotion in the 90s. She is an environmentalism enthusiast and developed numerous tourism projects including real-estate within the last years.

I do have a Chilean-German Family and we do learn daily from the differences in both cultures. This made me enthusiastic about the perspectives and technologies in other cultures and I am very interested in the progresses which are made in for example the use of solar power and Water reprocessing treatment.  My hobbies are reading, travelling and activities in Nature as for example trekking and Mountain Biking.



Miguel was born in the beautiful lake city of Puerto Varas in the south of Chile. After finishing school, he leaves for Santiago, where he spends the next years studying English translation and interpreting. Upon completion of his studies, he works for an incoming tour operator back in his hometown. Yet it doesn’t take long before he gives in his urge to discover other parts of the world: He leaves Chile and spends the next years living and travelling in Canada, Germany, and different parts of Latin America. In 2019, he returns to the shores of Llanquihue Lake, where he starts working for Andes Pure in Puerto Varas. He is passionate about outdoor activities and loves to go hiking and taking photos.

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