Cooking traditional dishes, learning to interpret nature, local craft workshops, visits to magical places that are outside of traditional tourism, and living day and night with local tribes, in front of a bonfire, listening to their stories and legends … an unforgettable experience that we want to offer through our Indigenous Tours.

One of our strengths and differentiation from other tour operators is that we want to support the development of indigenous communities through tourism. These communities are very enthusiastic about being able to open their doors to the ethnic group and so that people who come from other countries can learn the details of their families and culture, experiences that they will never forget.

At present, the Chilean State officially recognizes the existence of nine aboriginal peoples. The main group is the Mapuche, followed by the Aymara, Diaguita, Atacameño, Quechua, Rapanui, Kolla, Kawésqar and Yagan peoples.

Each town or indigenous community has a culture rich in traditions and unique customs that we invite you to know and be part of their daily lives. Enter fully the traditions, the typical dishes, the stories with meaning, the legends, talk directly with their residents, understand their idioms, their lifestyles and meet with them those magical corners that are out of all catalog tourist.

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