Ruta de los parques

"Imagine the most beautiful scenic route in the world already exists and it is in Chile"

“The Route of Parks of Chilean Patagonia is a 1,700-mile (2800 km) scenic route spanning 17 National Parks between Puerto Montt and Cape Horn in Chile’s far south. The route connects the Carretera Austral—which winds its way along Chilean Patagonia—with the Patagonian Channels and the Ruta del Fin del Mundo (“The End of the World Route”), featuring many other spectacular highlights along the way.

The route’s pristine landscapes, diverse ecosystems, and local and endemic flora and fauna––combined with the rich history and cultural heritage maintained by the more than 60 local communities living in the region––make this destination truly one-of-a-kind.

The Route of Parks also forms part of a new vision for conservation in Chilean Patagonia. Through tourism that safeguards the natural and cultural riches of this special place, this vision both protects nature and fosters the economic development of local Patagonian communities.” More info at

We are an official tour operator of the Route of Parks offering premade programs as well as tailormade itineraries to fit all your requirements.

Let us know what your dream travels in Patagonia are and we will organize them for you!

Stunning natural landscapes await us on each of the 16 days of this remarkable guided round trip through Chilean and Argentinean Patagonia. Our itinerary includes several national parks that are part of the “Route of  Parks of Patagonia”, considered one of the most scenic travel routes in the world. But it is not only its nature that makes Patagonia unique; there are countless opportunities to meet locals on the way, be it farmers, gauchos, or owners of small family hotels.

The creation of this “self drive” program was due to many adventurous people like us that were eagerly asking for a program that would pass through all the parks of “Ruta de los Parques” and that´s what we wanted to do, at least visiting the ones that are open to the public and reachable in some way.

This program starts in Puerto Montt and ends in Puerto Williams. You will be visiting (or some navigating through/by) 12 National Parks that are considered as part of the “Ruta de los Parques de la Patagonia” and these have the most beautiful scenic routes in Chile and in the world!

With post programs options:
1) Epic hike in the famous Torres del Paine
2) Local experience at Estancia Mercedes

Experience the peace & nature on this 4-day roundtrip through the incredible fjords of the Chilean Patagonia. It is just nature and you!

This route is something you will never forget! For experienced hikers, there are no trails, you will feel and hear the silence of nature and your soul & mind will be nurtured by it.

Friendly and experienced local guides will go with you showing you marvelous spots: rivers, lagoons, glaciers, mountains. Be ready!

Remember you can add more options to this program in case you want to stay longer in Patagonia. Let us know!



Let us know what do you want and what are the parks and places you want to visit in the Ruta de los parques and we´ll help you organizing all the details you to experience a great adventure!