Ruta de los parques

"Imagine the most beautiful scenic route in the world already exists and it is in Chile"

This is one of the descriptions of the “Route of the Parks in Patagonia”!  The route of the parks is just nature. It is located in the southern part of Chile and you drive along Route 7, which is known as the Carretera Austral, which was built at the beginning of the 1980s and it is the only main route that allows access to these dismembered coasts.

The parks route goes through 17 parks and it has an extension of 2,800 kms that start in the Lakes area and it ends in Cape Horn. This route is not continuous, or better said, there are parts you would have to go by car and others by barges.

The Parks of Patagonia network includes the new Pumalín, Melimoyu and Patagonia parks, and the existing national parks: Hornopirén, Corcovado and Magdalena Island. They are added to the Cerro Castillo, Cochrane Lake, Jeinimeni Lake, Alacalufes Forest Reserve, among other destinations.

We offer two programs that go through some of these parks: PURE PATAGONIA  – PUMALIN PARK AND YELCHO GLACIER. Check it out!

If you prefer you tell us what places do you want to go to and we will organize it for you!

With options post programs options:
1) Epic hike in the famous Torres del Paine
2) Local experience at Estancia Mercedes

Experience the peace & nature on this 4-day roundtrip through the incredible fjords of the Chilean Patagonia. It is just nature and you!

This route is something you will never forget! For experienced hikers, there are no trails, you will feel and hear the silence of nature and your soul & mind will be nurtured by it.

Friendly and experienced local guides will go with you showing you marvelous spots: rivers, lagoons, glaciers, mountains. Be ready!

Remember you can add more options to this program in case you want to stay longer in Patagonia. Let us know!

Experience the spectacular nature on this 16-day roundtrip through the beauties of the Chilean and Argentinean Patagonia.
You´ll experience wonderful Patagonia even part of the Ruta de los Parques in a comfortable vehicle and you will find the space to relax in simple and nice accommodations.



Let us know what do you want and what are the parks and places you want to visit in the Ruta de los parques and we´ll help you organizing all the details you to experience a great adventure!