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Andes Pure as a brand of Andes Nativa takes full responsibility for all written content published on its web page. We do not take any responsibility for content of other pages linked to All trips and tours published on our webpage where designed with the best knowledge and conscience in order to fulfill specific Travelers demand. They are a small but representative sample of tours we do offer to the 2000 travelers we attend each year.

Our specialty whatsoever is the creation of Tailor Made Trips. We do believe that every Traveler has different needs, interests and a different budget which means that we do build our tours around each individual client. If you like a specific trip on our website we can organize it exactly as published or we can modify it according to your specific requests.

If any mistakes or inadequacies are detected in our contents which might occur as we are living in an ever-changing environment and our proposal has to adopt to it, we will correct them immediately.

Prices published are per person, based on two people sleeping in one double room. They should serve as an orientation for each user. We have a policy of fair pricing and do never charge more than common in the travel industry.

Independent Travelers requests will be attended within 24 hours within the working week. Group request (7 persons or more) will take longer as service providers might have to be contacted for special prices and different politics.

Services published on our webpage are provided by our handpicked partners in whole Chile. We preferably work with small, boutique style providers and family owned businesses. We believe that travelling to Chile means getting to know the culture which is why we try to avoid anonymous Hotel Chains even though we are also able to provide these within our itineraries when requested or when there are no better alternatives.

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