Category: South Chile

The south of Chile, a magical place.
It is covered by a blanket of green nature. South Chile is an area of lakes, volcanoes, forests, rivers and a diversity of fauna that impresses.
A place to purify your body and soul and enjoy nature.
Culturally South Chile has a strong presence of German colonization and of the whole Mapuche tradition in the area of Araucanía in Temuco. It is a must to explore this area and its lakes and having the chance to explore the coast to share with their indigenous communities.
South Chile has extensive landscapes and captivating beauty, this area is known by its rainy climate that intensifies in the measure in which it advances towards the south. It is also a place that offers incredible adventures to lovers of outdoor sports.

Here are some tours we have organized in this area for you in the South of Chile! Remember if you want to personalize a tour or a trip we can do it for you.

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