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Tours in the Easter Island in Chile

Easter Island (in Rapanui language: Rapa Nui) is an island of Chile located in Polynesia, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

The island is one of the main tourist destinations of the country due to its natural beauty and its mysterious ancestral culture of the Rapanui ethnic group, whose most notable vestige corresponds to huge statues known as “moái”.

The fact that Rapa Nui history and culture have not been able to fully unravel, has caused the myths and legends of Easter Island to be highly relevant, transmitted orally by the natives and collected by former visitors. But these myths, which try to explain events that happened in the past, are often decorated either by the imagination of the ones who transmit them or by the listener’s, so the historical reconstruction made on the basis of them wanders between reality and fantasy.

Come and meet this wonderful island, get to know its community and its customs. Get ready for a great adventure. Ask for Easter Island Tours.

You can visit the Easter Island in Chile and you can also include other destinations to this adventure, tell us what is your preference so we can build a trip that will suit you.

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