The Andespure Team is on the road again!


The Andes Pure Team is on the road again! Part 2

As we mentioned in our last blog, during this low season period, most of our travel consultants are lucky to travel! The idea is renewing knowledge about some of the Chilean travel highlights; last time we had Angela & Fred sharing about their trip to the Carretera Austral in the South of Chile. This time Phillip Rayz will share about his trip to the first Region in Chile, where he was able to visit the Altiplano. Check it out!

1) Ok! We would love to hear about your expectations and impressions:

What can I say, the trip to the North of Chile was incredible. It exceeded all my expectations, I mean, I knew the details of the North of Chile in theory, but being there and seeing them myself was an unforgettable experience. You might think since the Atacama desert covers almost all this area of Chile it could be a monotone scenery, but I am able to say: it was the opposite! there are different landscapes and all kind of colors. If you ask me, the landscape of the Altiplano was one of my favorites, so different to what I have seen before. It really was an incredible tour.

 2) What was for you the most interesting place of this trip

Due to the “surprise” factor and its beauty, my favorite place on this tour was Suriplaza. I didn´t think I would find such a beautiful place in the middle of “nowhere”, it is just you and nature. This is not the typical place for tourists, so chances are high that you will be on your own up there. The drive to get there is beautiful as well, you get to see the typical fauna of the area. You can even go on a hike to the mountains to get (more) amazing views of the place. I haven’t heard of Suriplaza before, I was told about it in Putre. Suriplaza consists of two multicolor mountains and getting to know this place was a unique experience. Keep this in mind: It is not easy to get there and only recommendable if the road is dry. But it is definitely worth visiting if the conditions of the road leading there permits it.

3)What would you recommend to future travellers; any insider tip?

Normally people coming to Chile want to go to San Pedro de Atacama to get the “desert experience”, but I would encourage them to go farther and visit the northernmost region in Chile, it is a great and definitely an interesting destination in Chile to discover. If possible stay in Putre for at least three nights. There are so many places to visit in that area: Salar de Surire, Lago Chungara, Parinacota, Visviri, Suriplaza and la Quebrada de Allane to just mention a few. As I mentioned before Suriplaza was for me the highlight of my tour. To get there I would recommend to rent a 4×4 car and making sure the road is dry (when wet the road becomes a very slippery clay and very dangerous).

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