The Andespure Team is on the road again!

During this low season, most of our travel consultants are lucky to travel! The idea is renewing knowledges about some of the chilean travel highlights; like Atacama Desert, Altiplano highlands, La Serena, etc.

Of course, we are going to tell you about all of it!

New program: Adventure of the Parks

Are you ready for the “Adventure of the Parks”?The “Route of the Parks” is a name that is being known all over the world, since it getting all the attention of people that love nature and trekking.

We have the honor of being one of the tour operators that represents and sells programs and little by little we are diversifying and increasing our programs in the “Route of Parks”. We were getting many emails requesting us to create a program that would go through all the parks on the route …

Happy Birthday Torres del Paine National Park

Today the Torres del Paine National Park is turning 60 years!

I was thinking, back in those years (1959) it must have been almost an impossible mission to reach such remote places, without internet, or without all the technology, clothes or footwear that mountaineers have now, not even mentioning the conditions of the roads and that there were no social media that showed through photos how amazing this place is.

Chile solar eclipses

Chile will be hosting two solar eclipses: one in 2019 in Atacama desert and one in 2020 in the Araucania, in the area of Pucon. Andes Pure will offer options to watch this last one, programs to learn about the Mapuche cosmovision and there will be activities with the locals. Make sure to find place to experience this unique event.

Traveling off-season to Torres del Paine National Park has its benefits!

Torres del Paine National Park is currently one of the destinations that has gotten great fame. That is why every year this place welcomes thousands of visitors. But this has its disadvantages:  it can be a real nightmare finding a place to stay, routes within the park also collapse; people have to take turns to go through the paths…that´s why we would tell you to reconsider and see the pros traveling off season. 

Wetlands: "The planet´s livers"

What do we know about wetlands? These are so important to the planet, they protect ecosystems and our life as well. Chile is taking important steps to protect them. We´ll give you a new challenge!

Plastic, I hate it. Do you?

Plastic is causing a terrible damage to the planet. The fact that Chile has banned this product, it gives me a bit of relief. Have you ever wondered how much plastic you are using daily? I want to challenge you!

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