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  Andespure is a Trade Mark of the Tour Operator Andes Nativa, Tour Operator with years of experience that provides tours/programs to the most prestigious destinations in Chile to renowned travel agencies in Germany and other German speaking countries. Andes Pure offers programs that provide a unique experience, and us, travel experts, give all of our knowledge organizing exclusive tailor made trips. We want to involve people who come to visit Chile naturally with locals and indigenous communities in a very friendly way and respecting their customs and traditions. The essence of Andes Pure is giving the best travel advices as well as organizing travel programs direct with people wishing to travel to Chile, with a completely personalized style. With a strong focus on sustainable development, Andes Pure organizes and sells its programs with a purpose not only caring for indigenous communities in Chile but also with an intense desire to preserve natural areas of Chilean Patagonia. That is why every time people hire a program with Andes Pure they will be directly protecting the flora and fauna through foundations- that customers can choose personally-. In conclusion, when you decide to organize your trip with Andes Pure, you will not only choose who will be your best ally you can fully trust to organize every detail of your trip, but you will also, stamp your personalized footprint (with your name and surname) in a square meter of nature, or more, in a park or Chilean nature reserve that you choose. Affiliations & Memberships Our reliability and trustworthiness is backed by a large number of affiliations and memberships recognized nationally and internationally:  
We are part of the Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA) Seattle, United States and proud to have participated in the Adventure Travel World Summit.
Since 2012 we have been member of the Tour Operators Initiative for Sustainable Tourism, which itself is part of the United Nations World Tourism Organisation.
We are active and voting member of the Chilean Tourism Organisations Turismo Chile, which is in charge of governmental task like promoting Chile in foreign countries.
Since the creation of the company we take part in the annual ITB Fair in Berlin. We would be glad to get to know you there personally in order to plan your trip or listen to your experiences when your already travelled.
We are proud winner of the Prize for Responsible Tourism on the Tourism Exhibition in Assis, Italy.  We are focused on Fair Trade which benefits each participant (customer, service provider & intermediaries) equally.
For 6 years now we work successfully with the most responsible and the biggest car rental company in Chile. We are their most important client in the Tourism Sector and proud of our fertile cooperation which benefits our travelers.
All our services are backed by an Insurance of the traditional Chilean Insurance Company Renta Nacional, which is evaluated by Fitch Ratings.
We have been one of the first Tour Operator in Chile, decorated with the National distinction for Sustainable Tourism Sello S, which perfectly reflects our philosophy since we are a pioneer in Sustainable Travel in Chile.
We recently acquired the new National Standard for Quality Tourism in Chile, the Sello Q. We have gone through a comprehensive process of auditing and measurement of our service quality level to acquire this seal.
  Let me (your Travel Expert) call you and let’s plan together your trip to Chile. Our office is located in Puerto Varas, in one of the most beautiful regions of Chile, spangled with volcanos, lakes, turquoise rivers and mighty forests. Our experience traces back to the very beginning of International Travel to Chile and living in a touristic city which is frequently evaluated as the most livable City in this beautiful country, we know wh at we are talking about.

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Chile has about 4.5 million hectares of wetlands. (I don’t know if you’re thinking the same thing as me: that’s a lot!)

To better understand this topic, these is definition that I ´ve found for wetland: “Any normal flat area where the surface of the soil is covered with water permanently or seasonally, is a wetland”. These are natural refuges for wildlife and wild flora, sources of fresh water, recharge for aquifers and true filters for sediments and pollutants.”

The importance of wetlands lies in the fact that they function as water filters, since they trap pollutants and neutralize harmful bacteria. There are also significant elements of wetlands that help to control floods thanks to their capacity to absorb water, and these allow  life of valuable species present in food chains.

I think I had not really analyzed how important wetlands are for the planet. This description of the wetlands called my attention: “they are the livers of the earth“, that means, living without wetlands, it would be a disaster, our planet wouldn’t be able to live, and unfortunately if we continue at this pace, we´ll go straight to the destruction and disappearance of wetlands.

I do not know if you had the opportunity to be in a wetland. I´ve been many times and it is one of the best feelings ever. It gives me so much peace. A feeling I would recommend everyone to sense.

I think I would have to inevitably mention my dad again (… I´m telling you, everything that has to do with taking care of this planet, the environment and everything related to nature, I got it from him, because it was our way of living. I already mentioned, he is a great ornithologist and he specializes in shorebirds and wetland birds). I have this funny memory that always makes me laugh: one day my dad, a friend and I spent a whole day birdwatching in a wetland. Our friend and I were eaten alive by mosquitoes, but my dad! Nothing happened to him … he is already part of nature, even mosquitoes love him. At this point of my life, I have the certainty he is a “Dr. Dolittle”, he talks to animals and they respond.

Birds living in wetlands are incredible: so many species, so many colors. Every time I went to a wetland birdwatching with my dad it felt like Easter: looking for a bird was like looking for chocolate eggs! Especially when we were looking for one of the most beautiful birds in Chile, the “seven colors”, my heart would jump when we found it. (Moments of my childhood I will never forget!)

The good news about wetlands in Chile: The president of Chile, Sebastian Piñera, continues with actions supporting nature and protection of the planet.  At the moment wetlands in Chile are not protected. That is why the government want to work on a “National Plan for the Protection of Wetlands”, (for his 4 years of mandate). The first stage of this plan is for protecting 40 wetlands and in a second stage it will include 18 more.

Today there are no regulations about building on wetlands. Anyone can build on them destroying the ecosystem. This plan would mean that real state future buildings would have to be analyzed by the government. Only those that wouldn’t afect/destroy the wetland or the ecosystem will be given the “green light” to build (I hope this would be the case, since money is often the key to have the right to build and not the protection of nature) but I do not want to lose hope nor the illusion of believing that buildings that threat “these livers of the planet” wont be able to build. 

This time, my challenge for you is that you take the time to go and visit a wetland, to feel the peace that nature gives through the wetlands. Breathe, feel nature embracing you, seek your joy. An advice: beware of mosquitoes!

I congratulate Sebastian Piñera and his team for setting a great example for taking care on the future of Chile and being a model for other countries to take important initiatives like this one.