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About Us:

Andespure is a Trade Mark of the Tour Operator Andes Nativa, Tour Operator with years of experience that provides tours/programs to the most prestigious destinations in Chile to renowned travel agencies in Germany and other German speaking countries.

Andes Pure, tour operator, offers programs that provide a unique experience, and us, travel experts, give all of our knowledge organizing exclusive tailor made trips. We want to involve people who come to visit Chile naturally with locals and indigenous communities in a very friendly way and respecting their customs and traditions.

The essence of Andes Pure is giving the best travel advices as a tour operator and organizing travel programs direct with people wishing to travel to Chile, with a completely personalized style.

With a strong focus on sustainable development, Andes Pure organizes and sells its programs with a purpose not only caring for indigenous communities in Chile but also with an intense desire to preserve natural areas of Chilean Patagonia.
That is why every time people hire a program with Andes Pure they will be directly protecting the flora and fauna through foundations- that customers can choose personally-.

In conclusion, when you decide to organize your trip with tour operator Andes Pure, you will not only choose who will be your best ally you can fully trust to organize every detail of your trip, but you will also, stamp your personalized footprint (with your name and surname) in a square meter of nature, or more, in a park or Chilean nature reserve that you choose.

Let me (your Travel Expert) call you and let’s plan together your trip to Chile. Our office is located in Puerto Varas, in one of the most beautiful regions of Chile, spangled with volcanos, lakes, turquoise rivers and mighty forests. Our experience traces back to the very beginning of International Travel to Chile and living in a touristic city which is frequently evaluated as the most livable City in this beautiful country, we know wh at we are talking about.


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