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Video Credits: Ruta de los Parques de la Patagonia

Andespure is...

A Chilean tour operator based in Puerto Varas, Chile.
We want to plan the best trip with you and for you!

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What we recommend...

self drive tours

Travel on your own rythm, stopping wherever you want and how much as you want and still with all of our help and organization you to enjoy each place and experience all the amazing places!

Ruta de los Parques

Organized and created by Tompkins Conservation. This is a incredible scenic route that goes through 17 national parks located between Puerto Montt and Cape Horn. What are you waiting to visit? We have two programs that visit this area

Indigenous tours

This is a perfect option to be welcomed by a indigenous family and get to know their culture and traditions. Be part of this unique experience! There are many tour options you can choose from.

What we offer...

tailor made tours

Let´s plan the adventure of your dreams. You can tell us what you want and we´ll give you tips to make it even better according to our experience.

we want you to be happy

We want you to enjoy life the best way possible while traveling in Chile. We will be just a call away if you need us!


"It was one of our most impressive journeys – and last but not least because of excellent planning and organization on the ground. Shuttles, Drivers and other transport services where punctual, always friendly and luckily in Chile as in Argentina they do drive smooth and carefully at the sometimes difficult road conditions."
Michael Sachs
Program "Chile Natural"
"During our Northern Tour our guide was Daniel from Vicuña Tours. We had 10 funny and amicable days. Goodbye was not easy. We where happy to visit the Highlights away from the inrush of tourists. Our guide Hanu from Cielo Norte showed us particular un-touristic places. We learned a lot about volcanos and their geological characteristics. The Rainbow Valley was one of the Top-Highlights of the whole Trips. We do strongly recommend it".
Ruth Otthinger
Program "Descendants of the Inca"